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On-Going Projects.....

Urban Planning & GIS based Infrastructure Mapping of 34 Towns in Punjab

Sage Consultants, in joint venture with Engineering Planning Management Consultants (EPMC) is conducting a planning exercise and GIS based mapping for 34 towns in Punjab for a World Bank Project. The project includes data collection & analysis, stakeholders' prioritization and preparation of structure plans for 34 towns in Punjab for improvement of municipal services. It also includes developing GIS base map, Land Use Map, Municipal Infrastructure maps for roads, water supply, sewerage, solid waste management etc. This one year project is a comprehensive exercise.

Procurement of Satellite Images & Digitization of 11 towns in Punjab

Sage Consultants has procured and digitized maps of 11 towns in Punjab for Geo Solutions. Digitization was done for road layer and parcels.

Digitization of 59 Towns in Punjab

Sage Consultants has recently digitized images of 59 towns in Punjab. Digitization was done for road layer and parcels.

Lahore Drainage System

Lahore is one of the most important urbanized centers of Pakistan with more than 5.7 million people. This population is expected to double within a decade. With such an increasing population, Lahore is facing many health problems. The main issue persisting in this city is that of water sanitation and drainage system especially in low-lying areas. Sage Consultants, in collaboration with Muawin (an NGO), is conducting a comprehensive study of drainage system of Lahore identifying various problem areas and providing engineering and socio-economic solutions for its improvement.

Sage Consultants On-Going Kachi Abadis Initiative

Sage Consultants, in collaboration with Directorate General of Kachi Abadis Punjab, is conducting a comprehensive survey of kachi abadis (slums) and doing planning and design exercise for their municipal services and infrastructure improvement giving due consideration to stakeholders' prioritization thus making healthier and happier communities.

Activities include:

  • Secondary Data Collection
  • Citizen survey questionnaire design
  • Procurement, processing, rectification of satellite image of kachi Abadis
  • Digitization of image into road and parcel layers, printing of parcel maps
  • Contacting stakeholders
  • Fields data collection surveys
  • Tabulation of survey results
  • Linking tables into GIS database using ArcGIS software
  • Analysis of survey results in SPSS software
  • Analysis maps in GIS
  • Report writing
  • Sharing results with stakeholders

Example of area map in GIS "Maryam Colony" Kachi Abadi in Lahore

Example of Land Ownership map in GIS "Maryam Colony" Kachi Abadi in Lahore