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Sage Consultants

Sage Consultants specialize in providing solutions for contemporary GIS challenges with cutting edge, comprehensive and latest technology. We provide our clients with distinctive services and thorough understanding of organizational systems. Our assessments and capabilities empower complex data systems and manipulate procedures of project work thus enhancing over all efficiency of the project. We aim becoming your solution partners in providing you geospatial information for further decision making. Our organization provides following GIS based services: Urban Sprawl Management, Parcel Mapping, Urban and Regional Planning, Satellite Data, Property Management Systems, Remote Sensing, Data conversion / Digitization, Topographic Mapping, Comprehensive Surveying Services, Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Ecological / Environmental Planning etc.

Satellite Images

Sage Consultants acquire information (spectral, spatial, temporal) using remote sensing to collect the information. satellite Imagery carry ,


Sage Consultants have the skills required to deliver a successful cadastral mapping project. Our technicians have proven exceptional ,

GIS Web Applications

Sage Consultan's GIS Web Applications eliminate duplication and inconsistency, and make location information conveniently and ,

GIS Based Surveys

Sage Consultants is conducting number of consumer surveys, with the aim of establishing up-to-date database covering necessary details